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Virtual Field Trips

Leveraging onboard video conferencing capabilities, scientists inside Aquarius and on the adjacent reefs are able to engage audiences worldwide, through interactive classes and other live programming.

At FIU, researchers are able to teach classes from the depths of the ocean from both inside Aquarius and from their coral reef study sites. We currently offer virtual field trips through the Aquarius Academy.

Since 2013, our virtual field trips have reached over 1 million students in more than 35 countries. To get a glimpse of our global reach, take a look at our virtual field trip map.


Aquanauts facilitate a virtual field trip.



The Aquarius Academy is a standards-based education program tailored to providing dynamic and authentic experiences that focus on relevant ocean issues and connects students and teachers everywhere through project-based learning and professional development opportunities. The mission of the Academy is to create a network of students and teachers working together across geographical boundaries to catalyze solutions to critical oceanic issues