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Shore Base Command Center

The shore base serves as a staging area for marine operations and education and outreach activities. It contains the watch desk, which serves as mission control for Aquariusrelated projects, 120 linear feet of dockage for a fleet of research vessels, compressors for filling air and Nitrox cylinders, dive locker and scuba equipment service area, a 72-inch hyberbaric recompression chamber for operational and training programs and a 345-square foot classroom.

Aquarius Watch Desk

During missions the watch desk is manned around the clock by Reef Base staff. The life support buoy transmits realtime data from Aquarius and work sites to the shorebased watch desk, including:

  • Status of generators and compressors
  • Life-support parameters inside Aquarius
  • Voice and video from Aquarius to shore
  • Science data from the seafloor and Aquarius to shore
Data from seafloor experiments can be transmitted in realtime, including voice and images, to anywhere in the world via the Internet.