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US NAVY Saturation 2011

Principal Investigator: tbd
Training: November 1 — 4
Saturation: November 8 — 17

Aquarius November 2011 Saturation Mission will involve training for U.S. Navy Divers. Two teams of four U.S. Navy Divers will each saturate in Aquarius for 5 day missions along with two Habitat Technicians from the Aquarius team. Navy topside divers will integrate with the Aquarius team supporting saturation operations and undertaking habitat related maintenance.

This mission continues the U.S. Navy's long involvement in saturation diving from underwater habitats. Saturation diving techniques were first developed by the U.S. Navy and were deployed by the Navy in the 1960's Sealab projects. Today, a strong partnership exists between the Navy and NOAA's Aquarius program with Navy divers and Diving Medical Officers supporting Aquarius operations throughout the year and Navy saturation missions occurring on a regular basis.