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Shore Base Command Center

The shore base provides a staging area for marine operations, education and outreach activities. It includes:

Watch desk aka mission control for Aquarius projects
120 linear feet of dockage for a fleet of research vessels
Compressors for filling air and Nitrox cylinders
Dive locker and scuba equipment service area
72-inch hyperbaric recompression chamber 
345-square foot classroom

Watch Desk

During missions the watch desk is staffed around the clock. The life support buoy transmits real-time data from Aquarius and work sites back to shore. Data can be transmitted to anywhere in the world via the internet. It tracks:

  • Status of generators and compressors
  • Life-support parameters inside Aquarius
  • Voice and video from Aquarius to shore
  • Science data from the seafloor and Aquarius to shore