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Life Support Buoy



The 10-meter diameter Life Support Buoy includes:
-Communication tower
-Over 70-square meters of inside workspace
-Two diesel-powered 40 kW generators (image below)
-Two 18.7 cfm air compressors                    (right image)
-VHF radios, a cell phone, and a microwave broadcasting system



It’s linked to Aquarius by a three-inch diameter 42-meter umbilical which is comprised of hoses that supply air from the compressors and oxygen from storage flasks, power lines from the generators, and data and communications cables. The microwave telemetry system provides reliable audio, video, and data transmission between Aquarius and shore.

During missions, sensors use existing generator power from the buoy. When Aquarius is offline, sensors may be powered, depending upon demand, by the existing solar panels. The buoy can accommodate an alternate power supply (e.g., small diesel generator, additional solar panels or other) provided by the PI.

During Mission-31, we provided a walk through at the Life Support Buoy.


Want to learn about the details of dimensions, equipment, telecommunications and sensor deployment capability of our Life Support Buoy?