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Environmental Impact

The Medina Aquarius Program provides an ideal combination of research, education and outreach that is both vital and timely in the global ecosystem and societal needs. Since its deployment in 1993, Aquanauts and their support teams have used Aquarius to answer critical challenges facing scientists and policy makers.


The only facility of its kind, Aquarius offers maximum efficiency and access for the study and exploration of a region particularly susceptible to global environmental threats.

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Coral Reefs

Carrying limitless intrinsic and cultural value, coral reefs offer coastal protection from storms, wave action and floods while supporting a rich biodiversity of marine organisms.

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Marine Education

A platform for everyone, we offer extensive educational outreach programming to give access to a unique marine ecosystem, share the latest science and inspire countless minds.

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Age of Aquarius

Do you care about the health of our oceans and the vital role that Aquarius Reef Base plays in their future? Join Age of Aquarius to participate in education, outreach and service that will engage and inspire the community.