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The Medina Aquarius Program is dedicated to the study and preservation of marine ecosystems worldwide. At the heart of the program is the one-of-a-kind Aquarius Reef Base, the world’s only undersea research laboratory. Our scientists are at the cutting edge of research on coral reefs, ocean acidification, climate change, fisheries and the overall ocean health.



Who We Are

Sitting 60 feet beneath the surface in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, we’re a globally significant asset that provides unparalleled means to study the ocean, test and develop state-of-the-art undersea technology, train specialized divers and astronauts, and engage the world’s imagination.

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What We Do

As part of the FIU Center for Coastal Oceans Research, we’re enhancing the scope and impact of FIU on research, educational outreach, technology development and professional training.

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In addition to working with other universities, government agencies and private industry, we support one of the longest running and detailed coral reef monitoring programs in the world. Working closely with NOAA and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to ensure that the research we undertake meets priorities for science to help make management and conservation decisions.