When a Smile becomes an Uncontrollable Grin

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Posted by: Saul Rosser

Sometimes you smile when you like something; when something makes you happy. Today at Aquarius, there was a lot to make you happy. I spent the morning and early afternoon on the Research Vessel Sabina doing some habitat maintenance work with Navy, Coast Guard and NOAA divers as well as our intern Liam. As we worked around the habitat, we had an amazing overview of all that was happening. There were submersibles and astronauts working in the sand. There were Imax filmmakers with their large cameras. There was the Life Support Buoy overhead with a plethora of fish beneath. There were United Space Alliance divers in the water. And, there was gorgeous marine life everywhere. A lot of stuff to make you smile.

Then, after returning to shore, I served as dive supervisor for astronaut excursions as the NASA team worked on submersible supported exploration techniques. After several days of practice, the team is now professionally and methodically moving through the process of placing an astronaut on the submersible’s foot restraints, verifying that all umbilicals are clear, and then translating across the sea floor. It has become a well practiced exercise and a demonstration of professionalism. Both the competence and the beauty of it are enough to make you smile. Now, as I sit the night shift at the Watch Desk at 2:30 in the morning, the fish are swarming around one of the external cameras. The swarm is so think that the view is regularly blocked entirely. How beautiful. Even at this hour it makes me smile a caffeine powered smile.

The Aquarius habitat has a lot of things that make you smile; that make you excited. But, today I saw on the faces of others something more than a smile. Something more than simply enjoyment. I saw the uncontrollable grin you get when you have seen something absolutely spectacular and amazing. The uncontrollable grin you get when you know you’ve just had the experience of a lifetime. Today was a day of once in a lifetime experiences. A day of uncontrollable grins. A day when you could see the amazement in people’s eyes.

Aquarius has a special ability to deliver amazing, inspiring and unforgetable experiences. Today Aquarius delivered and the smiles turned to grins beyond control. The memories will last a lifetime.

Wow! Aquarius! What a place! What an adventure!

Good night from the Watch Desk
Saul Rosser
Operations Director