ImageAs a presentation platform for the promotion of marine science and management in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, AQUARIUS draws unprecedented public interest. Articles about AQUARIUS have been featured in numerous publications from Scientific American to Weekly Reader.

A major network news television production, ABC's 20/20, highlighted AQUARIUS in a story about the plight of our nation's coral reefs. Our first mission in 1998 was documented by National Geographic television. Other productions included NBC's Today Show (live interactive interview from inside AQUARIUS), MSNBC (with stories and they hosted a live chat session), ABC News, Discovery, and The Learning Channel.

National Geographic returned again 1999 to film a mission, and Popular Science Magazine's TV show for children filmed in July 2000. AQUARIUS was also a major feature of two expeditions (1996 and 2000) conducted by the Jason Foundation for Education, when five live broadcasts were conducted every day for two weeks from inside Aquarius.

NURC/UNCW prepared a two-minute video greeting to the President and First Lady as part of the June 12, 2000, White House Millennium Matinee, "Exploring the Far Frontiers of Sea and Space." The White House Millennium events include a series of lectures and cultural showcases that highlight the creativity and inventiveness of the American people through our ideas, art and scientific discoveries.


Aquanauts - Top: Dale Stokes; Bottom from left to right: Sylvia Earle, Mark Patterson, and DJ Roller.