Winter Maintenance — System Repair and Maintenance
Diving Throughout March and April.

Mission 1 — Staff Training and System Checks
Principal Investigator: Craig Cooper, NURC/UNCW
Mission: April 19-23

Mission 2 — A Multiscale Investigation of Physical / Biological Coupling on the Florida Keys Reef Tract
Principal Investigator: Dr. James Leichter, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Training: June 7-11
Mission: June 14-23

Mission 3 — NASA Space Simulation and Training Project: NEEMO VI
Principal Investigator: Bill Todd, NASA/United Space Alliance
Training: July 6-10
Mission: July 12-21

Mission 4 — Sponge Production and Recycling of New Nitrogen in Coral Reef Ecosystems
Principal Investigator: Dr. Chris Martens, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Training: August 2-6
Mission: August 9-18

Mission 5 — The physiological ecology of symbiotic dinoflagellates across a depth gradient: Understanding the influence of physical and biological factors on photosynthetic processes and population distribution
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Warner, University of Delaware
Training: September 7-11
Mission: September 13-22

Mission 6 — International Bio-medical Research Mission: Tele-robotics and Tele-mentoring from Aquarius
Principal Investigator: Bill Todd, NASA/United Space Alliance
Training: October 4-8
Mission: October 11-21

Mission 7 — Herbivore Resistance to Seaweed Defenses and the Effects on Reef Community Structure
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Hay, Georgia Institute of Technology
Training: November 1-5
Mission: November 8-17

Mission 8/9 — Navy Saturation Diving School Training Mission for Habitat Saturation Diving
Co-Principal Investigators: Craig Cooper, NURC/UNCW
Supervisor of Diving: Capt Mark Helmkamp, USN
Missions: December 6 - 9: December 11-14