Mission 1 - Ecology of Deep-Water Reef Sponges
Principal Investigator: Joe Pawlick, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Saturation: May 21-27
Total Days: 7

Mission 2 - Near-Bottom Nutrient Fluxes on the Florida Keys Reef Tract
Principal Investigator: Jim Leichter
Saturation: June 18-27
Total Days: 10

Mission 3 - Biology of Stomatopod Crustaceans
Principal Investigator: Roy Caldwell
Saturation: July 16-25
Total Days: 10

Mission 4 - Understanding the Physiology and Ecological Impact of the Brown Alga Dictyota on Coral Reefs in the Florida Keys
Principal Investigator: Kevin Beach
Saturation: August13-22
Total Days: 10

Mission 5 - Coral Monitoring and Evaluation of Advanced Diving Techniques to Support National Marine Sanctuary Programs
Principal Investigator: Billy Causey, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Saturation: September 11-19
Total Days: 9

Mission 6 - NASA: Space Station Training and Simulation (including education and outreach)
Principal Investigator: Bill Todd, NASA/USRA
Saturation: October 21-27
Total Days: 7

Mission 7 - Understanding Fish Movement and Their Behavior in Marine Protected Areas
Principal Investigator: Greg Stone, New England Aquarium
Saturation: November 12-18
Total Days: 7