Mission 1 - The Effects of Sponges on Water Column Process: Implications for the Management of Coral Reefs
Principal Investigator: Mark Patterson
Saturation: May 25-31
Total Days: 7

Mission 2 - The Photic Ecology of Coral Reef Environments and the Impact of Human Activity Upon It.
Principal Investigator: Tom Cronin
Saturation: June 19-28
Total Days: 10

Mission 3 - Spatial Heterogeneity and Coral Recruitment: Ecological Implications and Physiological Adaptations
Principal Investigator: Pete Edmunds
Saturation: July 18-26
Total Days: 9

Mission 4 - Spatial and Temporal Variability in On-Shore Flux: Pulsed Delivery of Nutrients, Plankton and Larvae to Conch Reef by Internal Waves
Principal Investigator: Mark Denny
Saturation: August 15-23
Total Days: 9

Mission 5 - Suboxic/Anoxic Diagenesis in Reef Frameworks and Resulting Nutrient Fluxes
Principal Investigator: Frank Sansone
Saturation: November 11-17
Total Days: 7