Mission 1 - Environmental/Biological Correlates of Differential Susceptibility to Annual Bleaching with Porites astroides
Principal Investigators: Jaap / Steven Miller
Saturation: April 19-28
Total Days: 10

Mission 2 - Comparative Taphonomy of Life, Death and Fossil Caribbean Coral Assemblages, Key Largo, Florida
Principal Investigator: Ben Greenstein
Saturation: May 19-28
Total Days: 10

Mission 3 - Effects of Flow Velocity, Zooplankton Abundance, and Piscivory on the Feeding Rates of Planktivorous Fish
Principal Investigator: Laurie Sanderson
Saturation: June 18-27
Total Days: 10

Mission 4 - Survivorship and Chemical Defenses in Larvae and Juvenile Sponges: Effects of Fishes and Mesopredators
Principal Investigator: Niels Lindquist / Joe Pawlick, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Saturation: July 23-August 1
Total Days: 10

Depth Dependent Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on the Productivity and Action Spectra of the Hermatypic Coral, Montastrea annularis
Principal Investigator: Mike Lesser
Saturation: August 19-28
Total Days: 10

Effects of Water Movements on Corals: Particle Capture, Prey Behavior, and Growth Rate
Principal Investigator: Ken Sebens
Saturation: September 17-26
Total Days: 10

The Ecological Significance of Vegetative Fragmentation by 'Halimeda': Mechanisms Along a Depth Gradient
Principal Investigator: Celia Smith
Saturation: October 16-25
Total Days: 10

Effects of Internal Waves at Conch Reef: Pulsed Temperature and Nutrient Variability, and Metabolic Response in a Hermatypic Coral
Principal Investigator: Denny
Saturation: November 12-15
Total Days: 4