Aquarius Virtual Field Trips

With each mission, Aquarius is inspiring the next generation of researchers and explorers through innovative education and outreach programs that reach millions of kids globally. Since not everyone can physically accompany researchers in the field or 60 feet below the ocean surface, we will create a virtual learning experience with lasting impact. Leveraging onboard video conferencing capabilities, scientists inside Aquarius and on the adjacent reefs are able to engage audiences worldwide through interactive classes and other live programming. By giving participants a chance to "ride along" on a research expedition, students will build environmental literacy while being introduced to ecosystems they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

Aquarius Reef Base is proud to be a partner of Microsoft’s Skype in the Classroom. Scheduling for Skype virtual field trips to Aquarius are handled through our page on the Microsoft Educator Community.


To sign up for this unique opportunity:

1. Register for free as a teacher in the Microsoft Educator Community to access the free resources and live learning experiences in 235 countries, such as classroom to classroom connections, expert guest speakers and virtual field trips.

2. Then visit our Aquarius field trip page and click the purple button to REGISTER FOR THIS FIELD TRIP.

If you have any questions about scheduling an Aquarius virtual field trip for your classroom, public aquarium, or science center contact Aileen Soto.