ImageAquarius is located at Conch Reef, approximately nine miles south of Key Largo, in the Florida Keys. Aquarius is located in a sand patch approximately 63 feet deep that is surrounded by spur and groove coral formations. Conch Reef is loosely described as a bank reef, with a shallow platform inshore and several deep reef formations found to depths of approximately 115 feet. The seaward spur and groove formations are located a relatively long distance from the shallow reef flats and appear to be antecedent formations with thin Holocene coral cover. A high resolution bathymetric map of the site is available. A good general description of reefs in Florida was compiled by Jaap (1984) and geological considerations are available in Shinn et al. (1989). Aronson et al. (1994) provides benthic community descriptions of Conch Reef and other sites in the upper Keys.

Detailed bathymetry of Conch Reef Aquarius site

Topographical Map of Aquarius Location

High Resolution Image ~ 250KB

Work sites and instrument deployments

Map of Aquarius Location

  1. Shallow S4 Current Meter
  2. Pinnacle Wall
  3. Deep S4 Current Meter
  4. NE Waystation
  5. Ridge Site
  6. Aquarius

Three dimensional bathymetric representation

Three–Dimensional Bathymetric Representation of Aquarius at Conch Reef