Mission Updates

NEEMO 18: Day 9


Surfacing summary - Aquanauts will be at 'surface' at 1015 where they will be held inside the habitat for one-hour.

NEEMO 18: Day 8


For this mission, NASA partnered with the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research (CARV). NPS is working on concepts for autonomous vehicles that look very similar to those that will be required for “precursor missions” for future space exploration.

NEEMO 18: Day 7


The Lexical Indicator study, sponsored by Dr. Eduardo Salas from the University of Central Florida, is designed to determine whether it’s possible to passively analyze audio and video recording for communications style and word choice of crew members during a mission to infer the levels of stress and anxiety for early detection of stress effects.

Latest News

Journalism students cover underwater NASA mission


FIU digital media student Bruno Grundy got the filmmaker’s chance of lifetime when he dove 60 feet below to the FIU Aquarius Reef Base.

Underwater Astronauts


The Weather Channel's Maria LaRosa interviews the NEEMO 18 astronauts.

Astronauts Simulate Deep-Space Mission in Underwater Lab


Plenty of astronauts practice spacewalks in the water, but a crew currently living in an underwater lab plans to introduce a surprising twist to its aquatic excursions: They will create a 10-minute communications delay with Mission Control, simulating what speaking with people on Earth could be like in deep space.

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