Mission Updates

NEEMO 18: Day 5 Pt. 1


Jonathan Bird from Bluewater.tv is on location to shoot footage for a full-dome theater film featuring astronaut training. The team is using the 6K RED.

NEEMO 18: Day 4


Two 2-hour EVAs performed by each EV pair to assess individual performance of microgravity tasks. Teams deployed the boom and collected float samples, a core sample and a rock chip sample, as well deployed a geophysical array. Habitat techs conducted a virtual field trip and the team participated in a SeaLab 50th Anniversary linkup.

NEEMO 18: Day 3 Pt 1


Astronauts work to perfect stabilization boom and coring procedures (image courtesy of NASA).

Latest News

Underwater Astronauts


The Weather Channel's Maria LaRosa interviews the NEEMO 18 astronauts.

NASA returns to Aquarius for first of 2 missions this year


NASA returned to the bottom of the sea this week for a nine-day mission at the FIU Aquarius Reef Base.

NASA Announces Two Upcoming Undersea Missions


NASA is returning to the bottom of the ocean. Twice this summer, aquanauts participating in the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) will conduct activities on the ocean floor that will inform future International Space Station and exploration activities.

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