Mission Updates

U.S. Navy Mission: Day 1


Aquarius Reef Base and the US Navy continue a long-standing collaboration with two, back-to-back, five-day saturation missions that began today at 9:04 am.

NEEMO 19: Day 7


At 1:35 pm, all NEEMO-19 Aquanauts returned safely to the surface. An incredible amount of work was done in seven days - including 4465 minutes spent on EVA.

Meet the NEEMO 19 Crew


Find out more about the crew members behind the NEEMO 19 mission.

Latest News

NBDHMT DMT Certification Course


Aquarius Reef Base’s revised one-week DMT training program provides a focused didactic and practical training that addresses recognition, stabilization and treatment of decompression and other diving-¬-related injuries.

The Life Sub-Aquatic


At the moment, there is one place on Earth where you can live deep underwater for weeks at a time: The Aquarius Reef Base, a research station run by Florida International University which sits on the seabed some 20 metres down.

Undersea 'Asteroid Mission' Wraps Up Off Florida Coast


The crew of NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations 19 (NEEMO 19) lived in the Aquarius lab, which is located 62 feet (19 meters) beneath the waves off the coast of Key Largo, Florida.

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