Mission Updates

NEEMO 19: Training Day 2


The crew starts superlite classroom training.

NEEMO 19: Training Day 1


NEEMO-19 training begins! All the crew is here ready to get at it.

NEEMO 18: Day 9


Surfacing summary - Aquanauts will be at 'surface' at 1015 where they will be held inside the habitat for one-hour.

Latest News

Earth Shots: Must-See Planet Pics


Aquarius listed as one of Discovery.com must-see plantet pictures.

Astronauts Test Google Glass, Heart Monitor in Undersea Base


A team of undersea astronauts took to the ocean floor last week to test out innovative new technologies that may one day make life in space easier.

Journalism students cover underwater NASA mission


FIU digital media student Bruno Grundy got the filmmaker’s chance of lifetime when he dove 60 feet below to the FIU Aquarius Reef Base.

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