Mission Updates

NEEMO 18: Day 2


On tap today - Human Research Program objectives with Michigan State U., U. of Central Florida and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. EVAs to assess team performance of microgravity tasks, sample collection and deployment of geophysical array.

NEEMO 18: Day 1 Pt 1


NEEMO aquanaut team departs from base.

NEEMO 18: Day 1 Pt 2


NEEMO aquanauts depart the surface. The Mission Command Center will coordinate astronaut communications and activities.

Latest News

NASA Announces Two Upcoming Undersea Missions


NASA is returning to the bottom of the ocean. Twice this summer, aquanauts participating in the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) will conduct activities on the ocean floor that will inform future International Space Station and exploration activities.

Astronauts will become aquanauts in unusual space training


With an eye to exploring outer space, a multi-national crew of four astronauts today will submerge into "inner space," diving to an undersea habitat off the Florida Keys.

Finding NEEMO: NASA trains for extreme environments under water


NASA has sent four astronauts to live 62 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean for the next nine days to test technologies and training techniques for use aboard the International Space Station and other long-duration exploration missions.

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