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Meet the NEEMO 19 Crew


Find out more about the crew members behind the NEEMO 19 mission.

NEEMO 19: Day 2


Mission Day 2 Highlights

NEEMO 19: Day 1


Mission Day 1: Aquanaut left surface at 1130. Two EVAs between 1400 and 1800 keep the crew busy.

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Jeremy Hansen leads undersea spacewalks on NEEMO 19 mission


Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen is spending seven days living at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and leading a crew to explore the ocean floor, to simulate and prepare for missions in space.

Aquarius Highlighted by the BBC


FIU's Aquarius Reef Base was highlighted in a recent BBC article featuring places where you can live under the sea.

Earth Shots: Must-See Planet Pics


Aquarius listed as one of Discovery.com must-see plantet pictures.

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